ReImagine North of Main: Signature Projects

ReImagine North of Main is a partnership—local businesses, government, nonprofits and, most importantly, residents—committed to making a collective impact, and dedicated to improving the quality of life in our neighborhood. Our collaboration is focused in three key areas: economic development & entrepreneurship, housing, and community engagement. Through resident and stakeholder engagement, policy advocacy and responsible development, we aim to improve the quality of life in these three areas, resulting in a ReImagined North of Main where both current and future residents and businesses want to live, work, play, and invest.

Signature Projects:

  1. Community Engagement: Implement a plan that involves residents, businesses, and stakeholders in neighborhood revitalization

    • The cornerstone of the team’s community engagement work, the ReImagine Plan is a strategy that will connect residents and stakeholders to the work being done in the key areas, promoting community agency in the revitalization process. The goal of the Neighborhood Plan will be to harness all of this momentum and direct it towards efforts to change realities on the ground for both the neighborhood and those who live and work in it. The plan will identify the projects with the most leverage to engage residents, businesses, and our Advisory Committee members, and create a plan of action to achieve these ends.

  2. Neighborhood Development: Implement a neighborhood development plan

    • The driving force behind the team’s work in Neighborhood Development will come from the results of the two housing studies done in 2016. Chief among those was the marketing plan of Mike Schubert, Principal at Community Development Strategies. His suggested strategies fall into three categories, all centered on the premise of the North of Main as the “Gateway to Arts and Culture in the Region”.

  3. Economic Development: Provide capacity supports for main street businesses

    • The need for this signature project emerged throughout the implementation year and was highlighted by the City’s shift to a one-lane Main Street. The Small Business Supports will assist new and existing downtown businesses by providing technical support (e.g. architectural supports, design assistance, marketing), micro-loans, and/or support for building fit-outs. A special emphasis will be given to helping local entrepreneurs, with the goal of supporting at least 1-2 resident entrepreneurs by the year’s end.