Activate Mill Street

In recent years, Mill Street has become a forgotten alleyway, hidden from view in downtown Fitchburg, but that wasn’t always the case. We want to put Mill Street back on the map by creating an exciting new place downtown that harkens back to the street’s unique history as a gathering space for people, commerce, music, and fun. 

Beginning this summer, the Activate Mill Street project will use low-cost, flexible design solutions to create a temporary, unique space for concerts, downtown events, or just a quiet lunch-hour with some friends. Our proposal includes transforming the concrete road to replicate a park with planters and low-cost lighting. The addition of temporary decking will transform the area near Boulder Drive into a place where people want to gather, while murals and public art will transform perceptions of downtown Fitchburg with a fun display of color and creativity. A vendor cart pilot-program will allow entrepreneurs and food trucks to take advantage of this increased foot traffic and turn it into economic opportunity. The vibrancy will celebrate downtown, support existing business, and spur entrepreneurship in downtown Fitchburg.