CHNA 9 Healthy Eating Working Group

The Healthy Eating Working group is charged with advancing the Healthy Eating strategies that have been identified in the CHNA9 Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP).

The goal of the North Central community food assessment (CFA) is to improve our community’s food system via increased access to healthy food among food-insecure households. The North Central CFA will compile regional data on needs, food production and distribution outlets and patterns in 12 communities (see Tier 1 & Tier 2communities below), and information on residents’ perceptions of the food environment and their food shopping, preparation and consumption behaviors in six (Tier 1) communities. This information will be used to best direct the efforts of community organizations, non-profits and policymakers that want to improve healthy food access. The CFA will also provide a tool for raising awareness of food system deficits and opportunities, and give evidence of the community’s needs that residents can use to advocate for effective policy and programs.