Mary Giannetti

Chair of Board of Directors, Growing Places

Mary’s professional and volunteer service chronicles a dedicated professional with 25+ years of serving low-income communities through developing innovative programs, leadership and advocacy, and passion for the mission of alleviating poverty and creating healthy communities.

As Philanthropy Generalist at Heywood Hospital and Consultant to nonprofit and public sectors her work focuses on resource development, strategic planning, grant writing, project management, and contract compliance. In addition to serving on Growing Places, other current community leadership roles include: MA Nutrition Board, Governor’s Appointee, 2013-current; Community Health Connections, Inc., Past Chair, 2010-current; Fitchburg Housing Authority, Commissioner Governor’s Appointee, Vice Chair 2013-current.

Giannetti is a Registered Dietitian with a BS from Simmons College and MS in nutrition from Mass General Hospital’s Institute of Health Professions. If you’re looking for Mary on any Sunday, you’ll find her serving the regulars and guests of Moran Square Diner, a 1940 Worcester Lunch Car that she’s owned with her husband Chris, the main cook, for over 20 years. “I like to be there. You really get the pulse of what’s happening in the community.” Her part-time role at the diner speaks volumes about her life. Mary embraces a challenge, loves food and cooking, and serves her community.